App helps those who want to compost but don’t have the room

Source: 1News

Dubbed the Tinder of food waste, a new app is making composting easier for Kiwis.

Food waste.

The Share Waste app, which connects Kiwis wanting to dispose of their food scraps, is designed for those who may not have room for their own composting system but still want to recycle their waste naturally.

People who can't compost themselves connect with a "host" in their neighbourhood through the app.

EcoMatters CEO Carla Gee told Breakfast there is a similar system in Australia and she saw a need for it here in New Zealand.

She said 45% of food going into NZ landfills is organic, edible food.

"It's huge, it equates to about 100,000 tons of waste going into landfill each year."

"As the food and the green waste actually decompose in our landfill, that's what creates methane gas and it increases our Co2 levels," Gee said.

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One of the easiest ways to take care of our planet is to dispose of food scraps correctly, she said.

"Every two to three days you just connect with your host through the Share Waste app and do a drop off."

She said all you need is a cheap container, with old lunch boxes working perfectly.

Dairy products and meat shouldn't be composted this way but all fruit and vegetables can be.

Share Waste has 9000 users throughout New Zealand, 1200 of which are hosts.

All information about the app can be found here.