$1 million in support offered to Bromley residents over sewage smell

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

One million dollars has been pledged to help some Christchurch residents suffering through the smell of sewage.

Lianne Dalziel has fronted up to Bromley locals, angry about a smell lingering from a wastewater treatment plant fire last year.

Fire destroyed two filters at the city’s wastewater treatment plant in November 2021, leaving human waste to rot and a strong stench lingering.

On Thursday, city councillors voted in favour of a $1 million financial support package for 3300 households in the eastern suburbs of Bromley.

From that, $800,000 will be split between residents, while $200,000 will be spent on 20 schools and early learning centres.

Residents can spend the money how they see fit, including air-conditioning, washing and power bills.

Council staff have been instructed to review the boundaries and give advice to councillors on whether other areas should be included in the pay-out.

It’s hoped the waste will be removed by September, during which time the smell is expected to get worse before it gets better.