Large trucks tackle piles of dumped rubbish in Hawke's Bay

Kendall Hutt
Source: 1News

It took two six-wheeler trucks to clear piles of illegally dumped rubbish off State Highway 2 in Mōrere.

What looks to be construction waste dumped near Mōrere.

In a gravel area off the side of the side of the highway there were piles of old concrete, timber and other building materials from a house, alcohol bottles and household waste.

Down a bank above the Nuhaka River, old TVs and discarded whiteware had lain strewn in the bushes.

Richard Ewels, who has lived in the area for 10 years, was fed up by the growing piles of waste, describing the popular dumping ground as a "full-on tip".

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He had contacted 1News about the rubbish piles earlier this month, concerned about authorities' speediness to tackle the "absolute mess".

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) said at the time it hoped to have the fly tipping cleared by the end of last week.

Martin Colditz, the NZTA’s Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne system manager, said two six-wheeler trucks were needed to clear the rubbish.

An excavator and a loader also helped with tackling the mess, loading the rubbish into the trucks.

Colditz said the NZTA expects the cost of landfilling the rubbish to be around the $6000 to $7000 mark.

Empty bottles and cans adorn some dumped concrete near Mōrere.

"This is in addition to labour, machinery and mileage, which totals almost $6000 separately," he said.

Those who had been illegally dumping rubbish there should watch out - Colditz said the NZTA had been given information by the public about the source of some of the dumping and would be following it up.

Ewels told 1News he had driven past the dumping spot on Tuesday and said it was still clear of rubbish.

"It's good to see it's all cleaned up."

However, he said if the NZTA did not put up gates across the two access points to the gravel area "fairly promptly", dumped rubbish would return.

"It would be great to see some kind of stick applied to these people as some sort of deterrent."