Woman at Perth salon flies into violent rage after mask request

Source: 1News

A Perth nail salon customer flew into a violent rage after being asked to wear a mask by another patron.

Jill Sheehan told 9 News she asked the woman sitting next to her in the salon at Wanneroo Shopping Centre on Sunday to - as is still required in Western Australia - put on a mask.

The woman did not take kindly to the request.

"'I'll spit on you', she said. I said you spit on me and I'll do you for assault," Sheehan told 9 News.

"And that was it. She just went for me."

Video shows the woman punching Sheehan in the face, causing a concussion as well as cuts, bruises and chipped teeth.

Sheehan said she is immune compromised and so is her father, hence her request.

Police told 9 News a 19-year-old was arrested over the attack, and was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.