Labour MP's office vandalised with anti-mandate messages

Source: 1News

Labour MP for Ōtaki Terisa Ngobi has had her office vandalised with anti-mandate messages.

Labour MP for Ōtaki Terisa Ngobi

Ngobi posted a video to social media of graffiti on the doors and windows of her office, commenting that it was "not a pleasant sight".

"My staff work really hard in supporting the people of the Ōtaki electorate and shouldn't feel violated when walking in to their place of work," Ngobi wrote.

"I care about my staff, their mental health and safety. To those who keep threatening and defacing our property with vile messages - leave my staff and the residents of Paraparaumu who don't want to see this, alone!"

The Government has responded in the wake of the incident.

"These acts of property damage and harassment are unlawful," a Government spokesperson said.

"The right to protest should always be protected but the damage and intimidation have gone too far.

"People have the choice not to get vaccinated from Covid-19, but they must respect the rights of those who do, who represent an overwhelming majority of New Zealand."

Ngobi urged people to contact her office rather than write messages on her office windows.

"A far more constructive way to express your whakaaro (opinion), one which doesn't harm the wellbeing of others," she said.