Hobbs edging closer to world champs ticket with record run

Source: 1News

Sprinter Zoe Hobbs is edging closer to getting a ticket to the world champs after a blistering run at the Potts Classic where she smashed her own New Zealand record in the heats.

Hobbs told 1News it’s the first step in what she hoped was a big year for her athletics career.

“There's a few competitions that I'm targeting coming up,” she said.

“I'm targeting the world indoor champs, the Commonwealth Games and the world outdoor championships.”

But while she made the qualification time for the world championships in the finals, a welcome tailwind proved just a little too helpful

To automatically qualify for all of them she needed to hit 11.15 seconds - which she did for the first time in the weekend with a 11.14.

However, for a ranking, qualification time or record to stand, the wind had to be under two metres per second.

Unfortunately for Hobbs, that margin was agonisingly close but still over the limit.

“It was only over by point two metres per second which is actually not much at all and if you actually convert that it's roughly 11.15,” Hobbs said.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet but hopefully if we can get another good run then go for that time again.”

Hobbs was determined to make the time before the cut-off date looms in June. But, if there's one thing the 24-year-old knows from her career to date, it's not to take everything too seriously.

“For me it's important to be able to have that fun because when we're on the track we're serious 24/7,” she said.