Auckland SPCA on hunt for foster homes after bunny influx

Source: 1News

The SPCA in Auckland is calling for more foster homes after it had an influx of bunnies arrive over the summer.

With almost no vacancy at the centre, getting more foster carers will allow SPCA staff extra time to give to other animals that require special care.

Laura Millar, Support Services Manager for SPCA Auckland says they “really need” more foster homes.

She says it would be beneficial for all of the bunnies that are waiting for their desex surgery to spend time in a temporary location, and prepare them for their forever home.

“It's really great for rabbits to get to experience a home life to get used to all of the noises and activity that is in a normal home so that they're ready for it by the time they get adopted.

“All of them have very different personalities, a lot of them are cheeky, some of them are sassy. They like to play with toys, you can toilet train rabbits, you can train them with treats. They're really interactive pets.”

Taking care of a bunny can require a bit more time than the average kitten, because they are smaller and they can take longer to gain enough weight to be fixed and re-homed.

But, Lynn Taylor, who has been fostering for three years so far says the experience is rewarding.

"You're giving to the bunnies, you're giving back, you're giving a good life to the rabbits but also they're enhancing your life through their interaction with you.

“If you just want to have pets in your life, but you can't commit long term to a pet, having a foster is great, they give you lots of value as a pet but you can hand them back when you need to go and do something else.”