Collins takes jab at ACT while defending low polling

Source: 1News

National Party leader Judith Collins has taken a swipe at ACT in defending her party's continued low polling.

National hasn't hit 30 per cent in a single poll this year - with 26 in the recent Curia poll and 24 in the recent Talbot Mills poll.

The polls - privately conducted by Talbot Mills, and Curia, a pollster previously used by the opposition National Party - were reported by the NZ Herald and Stuff on Thursday.

ACT received 16 per cent in the Curia poll and 17 in the Talbot Mills poll, but was ahead of Collins on the preferred prime minister question.

ACT leader David Seymour was on 11 per cent to Collins' six per cent when it came to who Kiwis would prefer as PM in the Curia poll, and 15 per cent to Collins 10 per cent in the Talbot Mills poll.

When asked by Q+A's Jack Tame why Seymour is so popular and she is not, Collins said that due to ACT being a "small" party, Seymour didn't have to deal with as many of New Zealand's issues.

"David is able to just talk about a few issues, but also I have to deal with all the issues as well," she said.

"The ACT party is able to just focus on a couple of things that they need to, they're a small party. They are not likely to ever lead the next government."

"You don't hear from David's other MPs, not like we do, we have a full team. I let our MPs get out and basically do their job, that is something that means that I often have to give our MPs opportunities."

Collins added, though, that National would "stay focused on what matters".

"We're two years out from an election, you just watch this space, we're gonna keep moving in the right direction because we're focusing on things that matter, and the more we focus on those things the better it's going to be."