Collins joins previously sceptical woman getting first jab

Source: 1News

National Party leader Judith Collins sat with a woman previously opposed to getting the Covid-19 vaccination as she received her first dose in South Auckland today.

Collins returned to Level 3 Auckland this week from Wellington, which is in Level 2, along with Act's David Seymour. 

On Saturday she visited Rosehill College in Papakura, where a community vaccination event was being held.

While there, she sat with a woman who received her first jab.

The woman told 1News she had previously opposed getting a vaccination, but after a family member caught Covid-19 in Melbourne, she changed her mind. 

"I was against it but now I'm going to get them both for my kids.

"I want the second one to hurry up now." 

Collins said she travelled to Auckland to help drum up support for vaccinations in her electorate, and speak to small business owners.