Collins criticises November delivery of vaccine certificates

Source: 1News

National leader Judith Collins has criticised the November delivery of vaccination certificates. 

National leader Judith Collins.

She may have raised eyebrows on Tuesday when she declared they would be creating a "two-class system" , while also saying she wanted to bring in vaccine certificates. 

"I asked Jacinda Ardern about this in February and she said they were working on it [vaccine certificates]," Collins told Breakfast on Wednesday.

"The Government needs to have all the steps in place before they make all these announcements. There’s no legislation which has been put forward, nothing has been done other than announcing the announcement."

The prime minister announced in October Cabinet had agreed to the use of vaccine certificates. Government health websites state they are in coming in late November through My Covid Record. 

The use of vaccine certificates forms an integral part of the traffic light system , which will come into play when every DHB in the country reaches a 90 per cent double vaccination rate.

Auckland is able to move into the red level of the new system as soon as its three DHBs reach 90 per cent

Although she said she supported the use of vaccine certificates in private businesses , Collins told Breakfast the problem was there was no vaccine certificate yet.

"It is very important that vaccine certificates are available for those businesses who need to use them. We have no problem with that," she said.

"What we are concerned about is that when we get to 90 per cent double vaccination rates across the country that even by that stage the vaccine certificates become mandatory but the Government hasn’t actually got the vaccine certificate.

"So what they’ve said is it will be October, November, it will now possibly be December," Collins remarked. 

"It is very important that the Government doesn’t just make these announcements, they do actually need to have the legislation ready to go and that provide the public with the advice that they’re using."