Govt introduces 10-year plan to target mental distress

Source: 1News

The Government has created a 10-year plan, dubbed Kia Manawanui, to target the cause of mental distress in Aotearoa. 

Andrew Little says every correct action was taken in the lead up to the man testing positive.

It will requires government agencies "to work together to promote and protect mental wellbeing". 

Kia Manawanui also sets out how to achieve pae ora (healthy futures).

Health Minister Andrew Little described the long-term pathway to mental wellbeing as a new approach to support people who experience mental distress.

The DHB's also developed a Far North local response group, a school based initiative and a suicide prevention training programme for youth workers

"The mental wellbeing of New Zealanders will be better supported through this programme as it requires government agencies to work together to promote and protect mental wellbeing," he said. 

"We have heard loud and clear the need to place greater focus on promotion and prevention, as well as providing specialist support for those with complex needs. This is part of the Government’s commitment to laying the foundations for a healthy future for all New Zealanders.

"Mental wellbeing and equitable care should be attainable for everyone." 

Little said Kia Manawanui sets out short, medium and long term actions to be taken. Its focus includes technology, workforce, and investment.

"To further ensure Government’s wider mental health programme continues to progress as it should I have also established an external oversight group chaired by Professor Judy McGregor that encompasses clinical, lived experience and governance expertise," Little said.  

"Kia Manawanui calls for all of us to work together, taking action, from across Government to our communities through to individuals, so people who experience mental illness and distress can be better supported to have the resilience, tools and support they need to regain their wellbeing."

Kia Manawanui is part of the Government’s response to He Ara Oranga , which was an inquiry into mental health and addiction services in New Zealand.

He Ara Oranga and the cross-government investment approach from Budget 2019, is what forms the basis of Kia Manawanui.