Cancelled conference sees lobster on the menu in Nelson

Source: 1News

Beef Bourguignon and lobster tail are on the menu for struggling Nelson families this weekend after Covid cancelled the Seafood New Zealand conference.

Around 300 people were expected at the two day conference, with much of the food preparation already underway when the lockdown was announced. Organisers decided that instead of letting it go to waste they’d give it to those who needed it most.

The phone call yesterday offering the food was a delight to Kai Rescue CEO Anton Drazevic. “They were wondering what they were going to do with all this food and we certainly had a good solution for them”.

The fact it was happening during lockdown was special, Drazevic said. "I think in a time of crisis like this, any form of kindness shared in our community has a massive impact".

The Rutherford Hotel’s Alexander Siebentritt said staff worked hard to prepare the donated food, and to make sure it could be frozen so nothing went to waste. “They have worked in small teams of one flat out for the last couple of days to get it sorted”.

Cooked and halved New zealand cray dish on wooden table.

Kai Rescue was formed in 2017 to help minimise food waste and redistribute it to individuals and families in need. They work with around 60 partner organisations, many of which were lining up for the food today.

The menu is expected to prove a bit of a surprise to the recipients.

Louis Chapman from The Male Room said “This is certainly going to be a treat for the guys today. A luxury they haven't had in a long time I'd say”.

Arawhita Wiringi from Victory Community Centre said the support is needed at a time like this. “We're really really appreciative and grateful for all the Kai. And just those little extra treat which will really top it off for everybody”.

The donation couldn’t have come at a better time with some community groups already seeing an increased demand due to this lockdown.