Shadbolt says he was intimidated before under-fire meeting performance

Source: 1News

Longstanding Invercargill Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt claims he's being bullied, amid rising calls for him to resign. 

Shadbolt appeared to struggle with basic proceedings in a public meeting on Tuesday that was streamed online. 

The 74-year-old’s actions have cast more doubt over his ability to do the job, with other council members calling it “embarrassing”. 

“He just had to confirm the minutes of the previous meeting, he could’ve done that in a minute but went around the issue three or four times,” said Deputy Mayor Nobby Clark. 

“It was an uncomfortable place to be… it was obvious that his worship was flustered. He seems to get a little lost at times,” councillor Darren Ludlow told 1 NEWS. 

While Shadbolt bit back, alleging he’s the victim of workplace bullying. 

In a statement given to 1 NEWS, the mayor said he was distracted by threats before entering the room and his performance was fair given the intimidation he’d experienced. 

“I am more than capable of fulfilling my role given normal and healthy working conditions.” 

Invercargill Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt

While Clark says it’s “absolute nonsense” to say Shadbolt’s being bullied. 

“I guess he was nervous because he thought a vote of no confidence was coming but I didn’t say that to him. 

“I just said that if you continue to repeat this behaviour, this is one of the options you may face.”

Clark told 1 NEWS he thinks Shadbolt should resign but has no plans on stepping into the top job himself. 

“He’s been the face of the organisation and a very colourful face at that. He’s kept us on the map but he can’t do that anymore. He just doesn’t engage with any of the stuff we have to deal with.” 

A follow-up report into the council and the mayor’s performance is due to be announced soon.