Good Sorts: Husband starts gym franchise after wife's triple bypass surgery

Source: 1News

This week's Good Sort is Iain Oxley from Christchurch. He's developed a gym franchise, by accident, after supporting his wife after major heart surgery. 

His wife Irene, has spent a considerable amount of her life in hospital after developing serious cardiac issues. 

At an age when he could be putting his feet up, 81-year-old Iain is now running his own booming fitness empire.

Iain Oxley is running his own booming fitness empire.

He started the classes after Irene had heart problems, resulting in her having a triple bypass.

After her rehabilitation, Iain began a gym franchise which started from facilities at their local church.

Twelve years ago, the class of one is now seeing about 70 people coming – and the one gym venue, becoming two.

They finish with tea and a chat, all for $4, Irene says for some, it's their most important social outing of the week.