ACC loses appeal over woman whose cancer was linked to asbestos exposure while hugging father

ACC has lost an appeal over cover for a woman who died from asbestos-linked cancer.

The High Court has ruled the woman should have been compensated, but the agency is appealing the Deanna Trevarthen decision.

Deanna Trevarthen, 45, died in 2016 from mesothelioma, a lung cancer caused by asbestos fibres.

Her exposure to asbestos was linked to hugging her electrician father as a child.

Before her death, she sought financial assistance from ACC but was rejected because she was not exposed to asbestos at work.

In a unanimous decision released today, the Court of Appeal rejected ACC’s position, saying Trevarthen suffered a personal injury which qualified her for cover from the corporation.

A spokeswoman for ACC said it acknowledged it had been a difficult time for Trevarthen's family.

"We accept the court's decision and are considering its impact on the ACC scheme. We have no further comment to make at this time."

Trevarthen's sister-in-law, Angela Calver, told Seven Sharp back in 2019 it was a "quick, cruel killer" that ravaged Trevarthen in 18 months.