Submerged fishing boat leaks oil into Milford Sound after it catches fire

Source: 1News

A fishing boat now being used as accommodation that caught fire in Milford Sound this morning has leaked oil into the water, according to Environment Southland.

Poor weather conditions meant help couldn't initially be flown in and the road was closed due to an avalanche risk.

However, the blaze on board the vessel, which is berthed in Deep Water Basin in Milford Sound, has since been put out.

In a statement this afternoon, Environment Southland harbourmaster Lyndon Cleaver said there is a small diesel, oil or other contaminants leaking into the water.

“The team in Milford leaped into action as soon as the boat showed signs of an oil spill. At this stage, there is a very small amount of contamination visible on the surface.

“We will continue to be in close contact with those on the ground in Milford as the situation develops.”

A harbour boom has been put in place to contain the spill.