Greenpeace wins High Court appeal to be recognised as charity

Source: 1News

Greenpeace has today won a High Court appeal to be recognised as a charity.

Greenpeace is protesting the Trump administrations' decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

It comes after the Charities Registration Board in 2018 declined Greenpeace New Zealand's application to be registered as a charity.

"Today’s ruling is a significant victory for Greenpeace and all of the environmental advocacy groups and campaigners who work ensure Earth’s ability to sustain life in all its diversity," said Russel Norman, Greenpeace NZ’s executive director.

"Twelve years after applying to be a charity, the High Court ruling in favour of Greenpeace is also a win for democracy in Aotearoa. Groups like Greenpeace, which challenge undue corporate influence and stand up for nature on behalf of future generations and the natural world, play a vital role in a healthy democracy. Protest and public good go hand in hand."

The summary of the ruling considered the Charities Board was in error in declining Greenpeace NZ’s application for charitable status.

"Greenpeace NZ’s main activity is to advocate for the protection of the environment," the High Court ruling states.

"It does that mainly by advocating for measures to mitigate climate change, for sustainable fishing for the protection of the ocean environment and for improving the quality of New Zealand’s freshwater.

"There is a charitable public benefit in that advocacy, as it contributes to the broad-based support and effort necessary for the end goal of protecting the environment."