Dr Ashley Bloomfield portrayed as 'Saint Ashley' in Wellington storefront display

Source: 1News

New Zealand's Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who has helped guide the nation through the Covid-19 pandemic, has been portrayed as 'Saint Ashley' in a colourful Wellington storefront display.

Iko Iko, located in Cuba Street, has the newly ordained saint in its window advertising Apostle Hot Sauce, with the tagline "by your side at all LEVELS of spice!" underneath.

"The last two months have been very up and down, but the two things that have remained consistent is our saviour Saint Ashley Bloomfield and the awesome hot sauce from Apostle," Iko Iko says in a statement about the display.

"We decided to combine our love for both in our latest window display. We reckon it looks pretty bloody cool!"

It's not the first time Dr Bloomfield's image has been used to sell a product since he shot to fame fronting the Government's Covid-19 response.

He also featured on earrings and pins from Whatever Club, with sales helping raise money for the Women's Refuge.

Amy Potenger started making the earrings and pins while in lockdown. They're made from plastic, with the print shrunk on in the oven.

"I decided to make Dr Ashley and Jacinda Ardern earrings and pins during Level 4, as I knew their presence had become a big part of the country’s everyday life," she said.

"My flatmates and I gather around a laptop to watch the 1pm briefing like how our grandparents would have gathered around the radio during wartime, I imagine.

"Tuning in to the press conferences makes me feel safe and informed and like we’re all in this together."

His image has also been used on t-shirts and handbags emblazoned with the slogan "the curve crusher", a reference to graphs showing projected transmission rates for Covid-19. Profits from those sales also have gone to charity.