Level 3 regulations not an invitation to break current lockdown, Grant Robertson warns

Source: 1News

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has warned Kiwis that just because Level 3 regulations were revealed yesterday, that doesn't mean people can start acting like we're already there while in Alert Level 4.

Mr Robertson issued the warning at today's coronavirus response update where it was confirmed New Zealand has suffered another two deaths from Covid-19, taking our overall death toll to 11.

"The fact that we knew we would lose some New Zealanders to Covid-19 doesn't lessen the shock or the sadness each time it happens," Mr Robertson said.

"This serves as a sombre reminder that we need to stay home to save lives and break the chain of transmission."

Mr Robertson said even with Monday's announcement regarding New Zealand's level status being close, there was no excuse to break the nationwide lockdown.

"Despite the release yesterday of information about Alert Level 3, it is important to remember that New Zealand is still currently at Alert Level 4 and we must make sure that we are following the rules and guidance for Level 4.

"Information about what may come next is not an invitation to adopt those Level 3 measures yet."

Mr Robertson wrapped up his warning with a reminder to all New Zealanders.

"Stay local, don't visit others and don't do anything that could put you in danger and needing rescue.

"Going hard and going early has put us in a good position. Things could've been very, very different so let's not waste this chance."

New Zealand had just eight new cases of Covid-19 announced today, bringing the country's total to 1409 so far.