Covid 19 Pacific Update: Authorities struggle with people breaking quarantines

Source: 1News

Individuals breaking curfews across nations in the Pacific are making things difficult for authorities as they continue their battle against the coronavirus pandemic with limited supplies.

There are now 244 cases and seven deaths in seven locations across the Pacific with Guam on 135 cases and five deaths alone.

Elsewhere, French Polynesia has 55 cases, the Northern Mariana Islands are up to 13 cases with two deaths and New Caledonia is steady at 18. Fiji has 16 cases, Rapa Nui [Easter Island] is at 5 and Papua New Guinea still has only two.

More pressing for authorities though is locals breaking curfews and lockdown rules across the region.

One sailor in Guam was caught leaving his room while in quarantine. Meanwhile in Fiji, multiple people breaking the strict lockdown rules has led Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama to state those who breach any such regulations should be "dismissed".

Check out 1 NEWS Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver's full update in the video above.