Government paying to house homeless in motels during Covid-19 lockdown

Source: 1News

Housing the homeless during the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in the Government renting nearly 1000 motel rooms.

Those who've moved in told 1 NEWS they're glad to have a roof over their heads, but are worried about what will happen once the dust settles.

Piki Martini has been homeless for 18 months.

“We've been living in a car and a tent before here," she said.

“It's just quite sad that now everyone wants to worry about the homeless when this Covid-19 has come in, before then we were just everywhere.”

However, Ms Martini is thankful for the help received.

“We're very grateful to these lovely people who have taken us in," she said.

Housing providers say the homeless are much more visible now and 1 NEWS spoke to one today that said it's helped more people since the lockdown, than it normally would in a year.

The Government says the total cost of these motel rooms is commercially sensitive and won't say how much tax payer money is being spent.

In the meantime, they offer a reprieve amidst the uncertainty.

“We're surviving day by day,” Ms Martini said.