Chatham Islands without vital food supplies after coronavirus panic buying in NZ

Source: 1News

A ship carrying much-needed food supplies to residents of the Chatham Islands will leave Napier Port this afternoon.

The emergency trip was planned to provide locals with supplies after a shortage due to the increased demand on supermarkets across New Zealand.

Five containers worth of food is being loaded onto shipping containers at the Napier port to supply the island with supplies they desperately need.

Residents on the Island use long-life food, such as long-life milk and flour – supplies which have been popular amongst panic-buyers in New Zealand.

There are currently no cases of Covid-19 on the island and health authorities aim to keep it that way. The Chathams only has one small hospital equipped with three beds.

Three self-isolation homes have been established on the island so anyone who does contract the virus can stay there and be managed by hospital staff.