Foodstuffs announce 10 per cent bonus for essential staff working through lockdown

Source: 1News

New Zealand supermarket giant Foodstuffs has announced they will be give a 10 per cent bonus to its essential employees who continue to work through the Covid-19 lockdown.

People queuing outside Upper Hutt Pak'nSave.

As an essential service, supermarkets have been one of the few businesses permitted to operate under the lockdown, with strict guidelines in place limiting the numbers of people allowed to enter and distancing rules to limit the transmission of coronavirus.

Foodstuffs declared they will be paying the bonus as a gesture of appreciation to essential staff across all subsidiaries which include PAK'nSAVE, New World and Four Square.

Foodstuffs co-operatives nationally announced today all waged front-line, distribution and transport employees nationwide will receive a 10 per cent bonus pay for their hours worked throughout the four-week Alert Level 4 lock down.

"This is in recognition of their willingness to ensure New Zealander's grocery needs are met and for the tireless commitment they continue to show," Foodstuffs said in a statement.

The bonus will be paid each pay cycle throughout the four-week duration of alert level 4.

All vulnerable employees who are unable to work will still be paid whilst they self isolate from home," the company said.

“We will remain open for New Zealanders throughout the lockdown and in order to do so, we need our key employees on the front-line and throughout the supply chain," Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin said.

“We’ve been totally focused on keeping shelves full and ensuring our customers and teams are safe. Now that we have a better handle on these things, it’s time to clear up how we’re supporting our committed and essential team members.”

"They deserve extra recognition for their commitment and we’re proud to give it to them," Foodstuffs South Island CEO Steve Anderson said.