Jacinda Ardern praised after impromptu Facebook Live session about coronavirus, lockdown

Source: 1News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been praised after "jumping online" for an impromptu Facebook Live with concerned New Zealanders about the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

Ms Ardern took to social media last night for a 16-minute question session with Kiwis before the country's coronavirus threat level was officially raised to level four and the four-week lockdown was enforced.

"Thought I’d jump online and answer a few questions as we all prepare to stay home for the next wee while. Join me if you’d like!" she captioned the live stream.

Those who tuned in saw the Prime Minister in comfortable casual-wear as she spent time answering questions around the pandemic and New Zealand's response.

At one point, she addressed the Civil Defence alert message - "the blast of the horn on your phone", as she called it - that New Zealanders received about the rules and regulations of the lockdown with "messages that we were really keen for people to stick to…as we join together in the fight against Covid-19".

Ms Ardern went on to reveal she had actually asked if Civil Defence could change the alert tone so that it wasn't "so alarming", however, they were unable to.

The PM then went on to reiterate what to do when you are out and about. She also re-iterated what "essential services" will keep working during the lockdown.

Throughout the live stream, Ms Ardern addressed the people asking her questions by name as well.

The live stream has picked up over 2.3 million views in under 24 hours, with many praising her down-to-earth approach.

"She is amazing. What other world leader connects with their people through live chats online," one social media user commented.

"Honestly, she is so cool. I mean, could you imagine any other PM jumping on Facebook Live in her PJs to answer some questions after putting her toddler to bed?" another asked.

Ms Ardern wrapped up the session with a smile and simple message to Kiwis.

"Remember, stay at home, break the chain and you'll save lives."