Dashcam captures truck driver’s terrifying near miss in Waikato as two other trucks barrel towards him

Breanna Barraclough
Source: 1News

"I thought I was going to die." 

A truck driver is lucky to be alive after a horrifying near-miss with two other trucks on the road, caught on his dash camera.

The driver, who asked to remain anonymous, was just south of Ngahinapouri, in Waikato, at the time of the near disaster.

He was driving in the early hours of Tuesday morning when two other trucks rounded a corner ahead of him.

One was in the driver's lane, the other alongside in their correct lane - both barreling towards the other truck.

Moments before disaster, the driver quickly wrenched their wheel and skidded off road, narrowly avoiding a serious crash.

The driver says each of them were probably doing around 90km/h on the stretch of road.

"I was lucky it didn't roll over," the driver says.

"I thought I was going to die. I am very lucky it didn’t end up a fatal."

Police told 1 NEWS they couldn't comment on the specific incident as it didn't appear to have been reported to them. However, they had a warning for dangerous drivers.

"The actions you take as a driver don’t only impact on you but on all the road users around you, and potentially those road users’ families and friends," a spokesperson says.

"While police are committed to reducing death and injury on our roads, we cannot do it alone.

"If you see any dangerous driving that could put lives at risk, please pull over to a safe spot and call 111."