Hastings man permanently disabled after medical misadventure makes dying appeal for proper compensation from ACC

Source: 1News

A Hastings man is making a dying appeal to be properly compensated for a medical misadventure that left him permanently disabled.

Terry Sandilands accuses ACC of a cover up, saying he hasn't had a fair deal following nearly 45 years of lost wages.

"I've had many, many battles with ACC," Mr Sandilands told 1 NEWS.

While working as a truck driver, an operation in 1975 to correct stiffness in his leg left Mr Sandilands permanently disabled.

That's when the problems with ACC began. It told him it couldn't help and he should apply for an invalid's benefit.

"It's been awful," he said of his ordeal.

It would take 31 years before ACC formally apologised to Terry for turning him away that day.

"You were advised incorrectly at the time, this should not have occurred and I would like to apologise for the distress and anguish this has caused," an apology letter he received from ACC in 2006 reads.

In 1996, ACC did make a compassionate payout of $23,000 dollars and later in 2003 agreed to a period of weekly payments.

However, Mr Sandilands says he's in no way been adequately compensated for what he would have earned if working.

He would be happy if ACC helped pay off his house mortgage that totals around $4000.

ACC gave a statement on his case: "Very sorry to hear Terry's health is deteriorating. He last contacted us in 2017 to ask for more assistance but was advised he's been paid his full entitlements under the legislation."

ACC says one of the significant problems dealing with Terry's case was the lack of verifiable work records.

Mr Sandilands now has prostate cancer and may have only weeks to live.