Vaping company slam district councils' vaping ban and say 'myths need to be busted'

Source: 1News

Vaping company Alt New Zealand have come out today saying, "vaping myths are hampering the country’s ambitious smokefree goal."

A major study was published today in the American Journal of Medicine.

These comments come amid district councils' completely banning vaping in public places as part of their smoke free policies.

The company says that vaping is "positively contributing to the country’s failing smoking rates."

Ben Pryor co-owner and co-founder of Alt New Zealand says, "reaching a smokefree status will only be achieved if vaping is completely brought out of the shadows and some ongoing myths are busted once and for all.

"We are all for World Smokefree Day and Smokefree New Zealand 2025. Sadly, however, too many decision-makers still fail to understand that vaping is absolutely critical to society becoming tobacco-free."

Mr Pryor and business partner Jonathan Devery said they have been "astonished" at some city and district councils’ decisions recently to ban vaping.

Rotorua, Whangarei and Invercargill councils have banned vaping in public places and Hauraki District Council is considering doing the same.

The council is proposing new rules to discourage and de-normalise smoking and vaping.

Hauraki District Council mayor John Tregidga told RNZ vaping is included in the policy to discourage non-smokers, particularly young people, from taking up the habit.

"We don't want to see vaping as being normalised. We just think any form of smoking shouldn't be normalised in any way and we should be discouraging it."

Mr Pryor's response: "It’s alarming that we continue to see so much snobbery and ignorance around vaping. Until some people in decision-making roles get over themselves and do some research, New Zealand will struggle to become smoke-free. It’s as simple as that."