Man killed trying to take down gunman in Christchurch terror attack honoured with Auckland mural

Source: 1News

A mural has been painted in an Auckland car park to honour the victims of Christchurch's terror attacks.

Kiwi artist Paul Walsh painted the piece, located in the Avondale Art Park, which features Naeem Rashid, along with the words, "Remember the heroes".

Mr Rashid was a Pakistani man who was killed at the Deans Ave mosque on March 15 as he attempted to take the gunman down.

Mr Walsh posted a picture of the mural on Facebook, saying the green and black represents Pakistan and New Zealand "united in mourning".

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"I wish I didn't know who Naeem was. I wish he was back at his job as a teacher today, and I wish I was painting something else," Walsh wrote on Facebook.

"But some coward changed everything, and I have had to respond in the only way I know how; by honouring the lives of my fellow New Zealanders who didn't make it home on Friday.

"We will not forget you."