'A river of blood coming out the door' - emergency services' harrowing tales of Christchurch attacks

Source: 1News

Warning - some may find the details in this story distressing

Christchurch's emergency responders are describing the horrific events of Friday's terror attacks on two mosques, with 50 left dead and dozens more injured.

As a gunman opened fire on two Christchurch mosques, emergency services were at the forefront of Friday's atrocities, still coming to terms with what they witnessed.

Paramedics arrived on the scene escorted by armed police, trying to save as many as possible. Ambulance officer Paul Bennett was among them.

"We tried to get our stretcher into the mosque but we couldn't because there were fatalities in the way," he told 1 NEWS.

"We ended up having to lift the bodies over the top of other bodies on to our stretchers, and those people were bleeding and there was a lot of blood.

"There was a river of blood coming out of the mosque and that is a scene you don't forget. It was literally flowing off terracotta tiles."

Stories similar to Mr Bennett's are the new normal for Christchurch paramedics.

"A good half of the patients that went into the back of ambulances, I expected to die within an hour," Jason Watson said. "The fact that only one has is incredible."

Support has been put in place for those affected by the tragedies, but the horror's of Friday's attacks will never be forgotten, especially by those on the other end of the phone.

"I am a human at the end of the day so it was pretty upsetting," call handler Spencer Dennehy says.

"I did ask my team leader to stand with me so he was just talking in my ear and you are focused and the training does kick into place but still, it is very emotional."