Kiwi's invention could revolutionise life for wheelchair users sick of dropping things while on the move

Sam Clarke
Source: 1News

A New Zealand company believes it has the answer to a nagging issue for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair user Mike Brown was carrying a tray of sushi in his lap when he dropped it, spilling the contents on the ground. 

“I was so frustrated,” he said.  

“Ultimately I was finding it made me feel slow and made me feel disabled. And no one wants to feel like that.”

After years of dropping items while using his hands to push his chair, Mr Brown decided he’d had enough and created the Lapstacker. 

It acts as a quick release strap which attaches to the user's chair and helps to keep things in place.

Through his company Adaptdefy, Mr Brown has created a Kickstarter to help fund the product which has already received international support, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s the latest innovation in a sector on the rise. The assistive tech industry is expected to be worth $40 billion in the next five years.