Simon Bridges attends first Big Gay Out event, says he would now vote for marriage equality

Source: 1News

Following his first appearance at annual pride event The Big Gay Out, Simon Bridges continues to reiterate he has a fresh view on marriage equality.

The National Party leader described yesterday's event as "phenomenal".

Mr Bridges has in the past, voted against marriage equality but today he told TVNZ1's Breakfast he was well-received at the event and he has "moved on" from his prior standpoint on the issue.

"We all move on and we’ve got a law that’s working well," he told Breakfast.

When asked if he would vote for marriage equality today he said he would not support going backwards and that he would certainly vote for same sex marriage.

Although this is not a brand-new position for Mr Bridges, it has been met with some scepticism from some members of the LGBTIQ community.

In a post on Twitter yesterday, users responded with mixed views to Mr Bridges appearance at the event he attended with fellow MP Nikki Kaye.

One user accused Mr Bridges of trying to score political points by attending the event while another suggested he was trying to cash in on some free PR.

The onslaught was not all bad however.

Another user applauded Mr Bridges for "manning up"  by changing his mind on the marriage equality issue.