Should men be able to play netball professionally? Meet the blokes fighting for a chance

Source: Seven Sharp

A group of passionate Kiwi blokes are out to change the status of men's netball in New Zealand.

Currently, the International Netball Federation welcomes mixed netball as a recreational sport, but the primary focus remains on female-only international fixtures.

John Kingi and the NZ Men's and Mixed Netball Association are trying to change that.

"The position of the International Netball Federation is that they don't formally recognise men's netball as a priority," Mr Kingi said.

"Netball is a prodominately female sport that somehow men don't have something to contribute."

The NZ Men's Netball Association also has the support of our national body, Netball New Zealand.

Kate Agnew from Netball New Zealand says, "For us it's about equality, we want to give our players the opportunity to play regularly and aspire to be the best athletes they can.

"All participation from a high level is a great thing for the game and it helps netball across the board," she said.