Most watched: Drone video shows huge waves coming metres from Hawke's Bay homes due to storm surge

Source: 1News

This story was first published on Tuesday September 11.

Incredible footage shows storm surge waves coming within metres of homes in the Hawke's Bay village of Haumoana on Sunday evening.

The region was pummelled by wet weather in the previous days, with flooding reported widely across the Bay.

Mark Sudfelt of Peak Video took a drone out the film the waves crashing against the sea walls in Haumoana about 5.30pm on Sunday.

Owners of the Clifton Road homes have long had issues with coastal erosion, and many have built their own sea walls to protect their property.

Others have simply given up and the sea has claimed them.

Surveys show the beach there is eroding by about 50cm horizontally and about 10cm vertically each year.