Free speech group calls for donations to pursue legal action against Massey Uni over cancelled Brash speech

The Free Speech Coalition have revealed it will issue legal proceedings against the Vice Chancellor of Massey University over the cancellation of a planned speech by Don Brash, if it raises enough funds. 

The Coalition, of which Mr Brash is a member, released a statement today saying: "This is a disgraceful breach of the University's own charter and mission to 'promote free and rational inquiry', and sets a dangerously low bar for hate speech," member Melissa Derby said. 

Dr Brash, a former National leader and Reserve Bank governor, was due to speak to the university's Politics Society in Palmerston North today, but vice-chancellor Jan Thomas cancelled the event citing safety concerns.

Massey University on Tuesday released a statement saying members of the politics club "approached University management concerned about their ability to meet the agreement’s terms around security after becoming aware of social media posts suggesting the event could lead to violence". 

Dr David Cumin of the Free Speech Coalition said it was "clear that free speech issues are not going away".

Massey University told 1 NEWS it does not comment on threats of legal action.