Auckland venue cancels controversial far-right Canadian pair's speaking event

Source: 1News

The Auckland venue hosting far-right Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux in Auckland tonight have cancelled the event only an hour after the location was revealed.

The event was due to take place in Mount Eden at the Powerstation venue.

Powerstation's owner, Peter Campbell told 1 NEWS he's cancelled the event saying it was going to be disruptive to neighbours and the area.

He said the content of their speech wasn’t the reason he pulled the event, nor was the negative backlash.

NewsHub reports that Caolan Robertson, an agent for Lauren Southern, told them that "powerful forces" were opposed to the event. He said could not find another event and it was over.

The venue is better known for hosting music gigs and has been a staple of the Auckland music scene for decades.

The minimum ticket price was $99 and the event had sold out.

The pair are known for their extreme and polarising views on topics such as feminism, gender, immigration and Islam and were banned by the Auckland Council from speaking at venues it owns earlier this month.