Exclusive: High risk child sex offenders living on one Auckland road causing worries for local schools

Source: 1News

Residents have voiced serious concerns that a large number of high risk child sex offenders are living on a road in the Auckland suburb of Otahuhu.

Schools are among locals worried about as many as 16 sex offenders living on one stretch of road.

"It's very concerning that they would put so many people in one small suburb," Principal of Mt Richmond Special School Kathy Dooley says.

A source has told 1 NEWS that there are ten sex offenders living in one boarding house on the street.

While the Department of Corrections disputes the figures obtained by 1 NEWS, we have been told corrections staff have had an influx of high risk offenders virtually dumped on them in the past week.

Many of these offenders are on extended supervision orders and are GPS monitored, with a combination of mental health, as well as drug and alcohol problems.

"Finding accommodation for our high-risk offenders who are on extended supervision orders is probably one of the toughest things we have to do as Corrections," Corrections Northern Regional Commissioner Jeanette Burns told 1 NEWS.

1 NEWS understands at least two offenders have triggered GPS alerts in the past 24 hours after being too close to local schools, while another is facing allegations of stalking members of the public.

Just two-weeks-ago Corrections officials met with local school principals assuring them greater efforts would be made to notify them when at-risk offenders were moving into the area. As of today the schools say they have heard nothing.

"The notification to the schools depends on the proximity of the properties to the schools," Ms Burns says.

Corrections says it has no plans to move the offenders on.