Cycling advocate calls for motorists to use 'Dutch Reach' technique to avoid hitting cyclists with car doors

Source: 1News

Cyclists are calling for motorists to use the technique called the "Dutch Reach" to avoid hitting cyclists with their car doors. 

Patrick Morgan, spokesperson for Cycling Action Network told 1 NEWS "there is a lot of things that people on bikes need to look out for, riding too close to a car door is one of those things".

On the Dutch Reach Project's website, the technique is described as drivers and passengers using their far hand to open car doors from the inside, so they are forced to turn around and look for any approaching cyclists. 

He said it was hard for cyclists to stay out of the way of the "door zone" all the time, however he said the risk of getting hit by a car door "was always there". 

"On a busy city street people on bikes like to keep left, but really they should stay out of the door-zone where possible."

"Sometimes you get a bit squeezed, and that's where the risk of dooring is there." 

He said the Dutch Reach was "a sensible way to go". 

"Just like we're taught to look both ways before we cross the street, I think it's really simple and easy to remember to use the Dutch Reach before you open your car door."

He says "we should have a good hard look at it," and  there should be an education campaign implemented.