Sonny Bill Williams visits Mecca as part of Islamic pilgrimage

Source: 1News

All Blacks and Blues player Sonny Bill Williams has paused his off-season training to visit Mecca, as a part of an Islamic pilgrimage.

Sonny Bill Williams visited Mecca.

The 32-year-old rugby union star converted to Islam in 2009 and visiting Mecca is a trip that Muslims, who are able, must perform at least once in their lifetime.

Sonny Bill Williams visited Mecca.

Before making the trip to Saudi Arabia Williams had been training with a strength and conditioning coach alongside Quade Cooper, Michael Boxall and Nikko Boxall.

Williams has posted photos on his social media of his trip including himself standing in front of the Kaaba, which is a sacred black stone.

"What an amazing feeling visiting the prophets(as) holy masjid (mosque) in Madinah," Williams later wrote on Instagram.

"Thanks to the Shieks for their insightful knowledge today," he said in another post.