Pop star Dinah Jane receives mixed reactions to news she'll be singing Tongan national anthem at RLWC semi-final

Source: 1News

Pop star Dinah Jane, a member of the famous X-Factor girl group Fifth Harmony, has received mixed reactions after she announced on social media that she will be singing the Tongan national anthem at this weekend's Rugby League World Cup semi-final between Tonga and England in Auckland.

Jane, 20, is of Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Danish descent.

The singing star made the announcement yesterday through her Twitter and Instagram.

"I'm so excited to announce that I'll be in attendance at the Rugby Semi-Finals in New Zealand this weekend. I'm deeply honoured that I️ was asked to sing the Tongan National Anthem for this historic event," Jane posted on social media.

Jane has copped some negative criticism online from fans, saying she is taking the limelight away from the game.

Online Community for Tongans Facebook followers had mixed reactions about the star singer singing the national anthem ahead of the match.

"Be humble, don't need to advertise something that's irrelevant to the game… This is a semi-final not a Tongan parade or concert, come on stay humble and grounded for our team," posted Tiena Buba Taliai.

One follower came to the defence of the singer, saying she is a proud Tongan, doing something special for Mate Ma'a Tonga. 

"She has sold millions worldwide, just be glad someone as famous as her is proud to be Tongan, there's no need to put her down like that, she hasn't done you wrong," said Ilaisaane Masina Taufa.

Tongan Advisory Council member Melino Maka believes the Tongan anthem is designed to be sung in a group and suggests a small church choir would be perfect for the occasion.

"It's designed to be sung in a group," said Maka.

"They got caught up with an international star and individual, it's ok.

"But a group singing the anthem will get players and fans connected. Emotionally connect with it."

Other fans of Jane were quick to throw their support behind the international star.

"We're so proud of you," said Jonah Tarrobago on Facebook.

"Best choice ever! I'm more excited to hear your accent singing our anthem," posted Soa'ileata Malani on Facebook.

Jane said she has been keeping a keen eye on the progress of Tonga at the tournament.

"For the last couple of weeks I've seen many videos online of Tongans around the world celebrating in unison of their excitement for each time MMT advanced in the World Cup tournament," said Jane.

"I remember watching and feeling at that moment how beautiful it was to see our people so HAPPY! And then hearing that some of the players took a pay cut to play for our little island only meant one thing... they aren't playing for money... they aren't playing for any other reason but purely for PRIDE!

"And just like the players... in honour of them and of Tonga I'll be singing with PRIDE! Let's go Mate Ma'a Tonga."

In the other RLWC semi-final Fiji take on heavy favourites the Kangaroos at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Friday night.