A Kiwi author makes reading magical with augmented reality technology

Source: 1News

A Kiwi author is blurring the line between reading time and screen time with a series of technology enhanced books.

James Russell is using augmented reality as seen in popular apps like Pokemon Go, to change the way kids interact with books.

He told 1 NEWS, "Kids have to learn that there's magic in a book and they can only do that by reading it. But this unlocks a bit more magic and gets them involved to begin with."

In his Dragon Brother's book series, for the same price, kids get to read a physical book and use a tablet device at the same time.

"Its great for children who are not inclined to read as much and are a little reluctant. They get in to it through looking at this 3D map and of course they want to know what happens in the rest of the story," Mr Russell said.

These books are the first of their kind for a New Zealand author.

Having already found success overseas, they could be the pop up books of the future.