Whanganui toddler finds 'rat's foot' in saveloy sausage

Source: Seven Sharp

A Whanganui toddler's disgusting saveloy sausage discovery saw his parents foot a complaint which has led to a Ministry of Health test.

"I am very angry," Candace Mosen said of her son Lucas finding a "rat's foot" in his food.

"His face screwed up and he was sort of disgusted at the texture that was in his mouth and he stood up and he walked towards the bench pulled it out of his mouth and he threw it at me."

She said she was "disgusted" such a part of an animal could be processed, packaged and sold.

The whole family ate the batch of Top Hat saveloys, supplied by Tegal.

"I would like to know where the rest of the rat is," Ms Mosen said.

She phoned Tegal and was told a representative would visit this Saturday to assess the foot, which the company believes belongs to a chicken.

Lucas was also taken to the hospital for a check-up.

"I'm not looking for compensation I just want them to take this seriously," Ms Mosen said.

Tegal wouldn't appear on camera but said they were investigating the incident.

The Ministry of Health also took the foot away for testing today.