Beyonce alters second song after 'theft' claims from Kelis

Source: 1News

Beyoncé has removed a section from another one of her new songs following claims of musical theft from Kelis.

Beyonce preforming at the 2022 Oscars.

The song, called Energy, had a snippet of the 2003 R&B hit Milkshake towards the end, where Beyoncé re-recorded the melody of the original, adding it to her song.

Beyoncé sang a series of 'las' to the tune of Milkshake, but the song's original singer, Kelis, did not give permission for the pop superstar to do this.

The use of Milkshake in Energy is an example of interpolation where an artist re-records a section from an already released song, instead of sampling it.

Kelis reportedly called the use of her song "theft" in a post on her Instagram.

Following this, Beyoncé removed the section from the track, altering the official YouTube and Spotify versions.

This is the second time the former Destiny’s Child singer has had to change a song from her new album Renaissance.

RENAISSANCE is Beyoncé's latest album and has been acclaimed by critics and listeners a like.

The singer had to remove an ableist slur, from her song Heated which she co-wrote with Canadian artist Drake.

Beyoncé came under fire from disability activists for the use of the term and promptly changed the lyrics.

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Another singer, Lizzo, also removed the same phrase from one of her songs.

Renaissance is currently at the top of the iTunes album chart, with Lizzo’s latest outing taking the no.5 spot.