Dos and don'ts for visiting the supermarket explained

Source: Fair Go

Ever wondered if it's okay to fondle the fruit in the supermarket? What about people gossiping in the aisles and holding up other shoppers?

Fair Go's been researching supermarket dos and dont's, talking to both customers and staff, and has come up with a bit of an etiquette guide.

Fondling your fruit and vegetables for the best pick? That's allowed!

Waiata Shores Countdown manager Justin Herewini says customers have a right to pick what they want.

"We encourage people to wash their fruit and veggies when they get home."

What about if you want to use your own shopping bag as a basket on the way through? This is allowed too!

"We just let shoppers do their thing and put the items into the bag," said Herewini.

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"As long as they go to the checkout and unload onto the conveyor belt, that's fine."

When it comes to the supermarket aisles, it seems some of you need to move it along a little.

If you want to catch up with others down the aisle, it's best to move your trolley to the side.

"It's great overhearing some great catch-ups in aisles," said Herewini.

"We just like to ask that be mindful with customers as they're walking around shopping."

Especially while shopping with your kids. There are a few things that can keep them distracted.

Most supermarkets now have free fruit for kids stations.

"As people are doing their shopping, the kids can have a little munch on the way through," said Herewini.

If you're tempted to put something that you don't want back in the wrong place, the message is to hold onto the product, take it up to checkout and let the team members know you don't want it.

This all might seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised what people get up to while shopping.

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Some people have told Fair Go about the strangest things they've seen in the supermarket. One shopper has seen someone throw noodles across an aisle because they didn't have the exact noodles that they wanted.

Another shopper says they’ve seen a customer throwing a banana at the checkout operator, while another says they saw a lady taste-test a jar of jam and put it back on the shelf.

Taste tests aren't encouraged, especially in Covid times. But if you're desperate for a snack, make sure you pay up at checkout.

The checkout also comes with its own rules, like whose responsibility it is to put the divider up on the conveyor belt.

Over 80% of you on Fair Go's TikTok page told us the person in front should leave the divider for the next customer, but not everyone does it.

The express checkout lane is for shoppers who have a few items.

"It means if customers have done a small shopping and they want to go through fast, it's preferably if they've got 12 items or less," said Herewini.

If you do have multiple items of the same thing it could be counted as one item, like a pack of toilet paper, but if you have two bottles of milk, for example, that counts as two.

It all depends on how easy something is to scan through.

Then, of course, there are those who leave the checkout line when they’ve forgotten something.

"I don't really have much of an issue with it," said Herewini.

"Just be respectful towards the other customers."

When you’re all done, be respectful to the workers too and put your trolley back in the trolley return.

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