Cost of food continues to rise, prices up 6.6% on last year

The price of a supermarket shop continues to rise, with food prices up 6.6% on last year.

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Stats NZ figures show the cost of grocery goods increased by 7.6%, with milk, potato chips and yogurt facing the biggest price hikes.

Meat, poultry and fish prices went up 6.8% and fruit and vegetable by 5.5%.

And that brunch out is costing more.

Restaurant meals and ready to eat food faced hikes of 6.3%. Stats NZ says that’s influenced by eat in lunch and brunch means and a dinner out at a restaurant.

The monthly change in food prices was 1.2%, largely driven by the cost of fruit and vegetables.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans are contributing to the increase, with the latter two reaching their highest June prices. Tomatoes though have fallen 30% this June compared to the same month last year.

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