Digital domain diversion mystery: Possible link to Young Nat

Source: Radio New Zealand

The registered owner of a website muddling links to Auckland mayoral candidates appears to be a Young Nat.

Leo Malloy and Efeso Collins

The domain name mystery emerged this month when anyone loading or found themselves redirected to the website of rival candidate Leo Molloy.

The Domain Name Commission previously listed the contact for Collins' site as a 'Leo Molloy'.

Molloy, the mayoral candidate, last week denied any knowledge of who was behind the redirections, telling RNZ's Checkpoint: "I don't get involved in this stuff ... I'm a pretty straight shooter."

It now lists a 'Tristram Speedy' of Auckland as the contact - a person who, according to LinkedIn, is secretary and deputy chair of the northern Young Nats.

Speedy has declined to comment.

The contact for the domain name is unchanged since the diversion issue was discovered earlier this month and is listed as a 'Craig who'.