Auckland police catch alleged diesel thief on the fly

Source: 1News

Police on board its Eagle helicopter doubled down on criminal activity recently, after they spotted a man behaving suspiciously while attending to another incident in Auckland.

Video footage released by police on Monday shows a man parking his car near a bulldozer, leaving the vehicle with two petrol containers and who, allegedly, was about to fill them up with diesel via a hose.

Police told 1News Eagle was responding to a report of a stolen vehicle on Popes Road, Takanini, on July 17.

"When Eagle located the suspicious activity, they directed units to the area.

"A 33-year-old was taken into custody and charged with theft."

During the incident, an officer inside Eagle communicated with officers on the ground, saying "we are just watching guys driving through a new area with no lights on. It looks like they are about to steal all the diesel out of the bulldozer that's on the site there.

"And as I speak he's pulled the hose out of the car and he's getting that into the digger...probably about to fill his cans," the officer says.

Police on the ground were able to intercept the alleged thief, who tried to then hide underneath the digger.

"It’s clear this guy is no Vin Diesel," police said on social media.