Christchurch to record its wettest July on record

Source: 1News

Christchurch is set to record its wettest July on record and it isn't over just yet.

Records show the garden city has experienced double its average rainfall in the past month, and is now expected to break a longstanding 1977 record for the wettest July.

MetService's Lewis Ferris told 1News that it had been a month of bad weather.

"Sometimes people are like: 'it's just winter', but this July has been back-to-back severe weather events."

As well as breaking records, Christchurch has been swamped in some suburbs despite flood mitigations in places like Heathcote.

The Christchurch City Council's head of three waters, Helen Beaumont, said storage basins were being used to ease flood risks.

"What we're doing with the storage basins is we're reducing the height of that flooding. We're taking the peak of the flooding - if you like - by holding water in the catchment and then releasing that slowly," she said.

But there's more rain expected next week despite the city already facing 157mm this month.

"We are keeping a close eye on that forecast - working with our roading teams and working with Civil Defence to make sure we're prepared for that," Beaumont said.