Family First: 'Nothing off the table' on abortion in NZ

Source: Q and A

Family First is vowing to continue pushing for future New Zealand governments to restrict abortion, despite it being ruled out by both major parties.

National leader Christopher Luxon has been adamant over the last week that a future National government would not revisit abortion laws, which were last changed when the procedure was removed from the Crimes Act in 2020.

That followed the repeal of the USA's long-standing Supreme Court decision Roe vs Wade that guaranteed nationwide access to abortion.

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But Family First CEO Bob McCoskrie says the issue will continue to be pushed by his organisation.

“I don’t think anything is off the table – it’s absolutely on the table for the pro-life movement,” McCoskrie said, saying the US decision was a “huge encouragement” for New Zealand activists.

McCoskrie said the repeal of Roe vs Wade would be welcomed by “anyone who thinks the unborn child has a right to life and that their bodily autonomy should be recognised".

He also made reference to National MP Simon O’Connor after he posted, and subsequently deleted, a Facebook post referring to the repeal as a "great day".

“I totally agreed with the post – it was a great day,” McCoskrie said.

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McCoskrie said his group would draw inspiration from their successful 2020 campaign to defeat the cannabis legalisation referendum in how they approach abortion activism.

Family First had their charitable status revoked this week in a decision by the Supreme Court in the culmination of a decade-long legal fight.

The Supreme Court found that Family First’s advocacy work was not “fair, balanced or respectful".

“That’s a dangerous view out of the [New Zealand] Supreme Court, that some views are unacceptable,” said McCoskrie.