Doco about real life James Bonds premieres in NZ

Jacob Johnson
Source: 1News

James Bond is one of the most well known figures in pop culture with 27 films made about the British spy since 1962.

And while he may be a fictional character, a new documentary, The Other Fellow, has premiered in Auckland on Wednesday night, all about real people across the globe called James Bond.

"There's a lot of complaining in this film," says director Matthew Bauer. "Every time they meet someone a joke happens, about Aston Martins, martinis, everything you'd expect."

Though that's not the case with every Bond featured in this documentary - James Bond from Sweden is a super fan who deliberately changed his name.

He's travelled to Auckland for the premiere.

"2007 - 007 you know? I wrote to the Swedish Tax Board", he says. "They approved to have the name James Bond on my passport and driving licence."

Unfortunately no Kiwi James Bonds made the cut in this film - and for good reason, according to the film's director.

"For better or worse," says Bauer, "I'm sorry, but James Bond's never been to Australia or New Zealand."

Not yet anyway.