Bid to bring World Chase Tag to New Zealand

Jacob Johnson
Source: 1News

World Chase Tag takes the concept of a game of tag and turns it into a high speed race against the clock.

The rules are simple - there are 20 seconds on the clock, one person is chasing and the other is running away.

The sport's getting millions of hits online and is broadcast across the globe on popular sports networks such as ESPN.

It's also becoming popular here, but at the moment New Zealand can't send teams to play in official tournaments.

So a fundraising campaign's been launched by Parkour New Zealand to try and change that.

"World Chase Tag has licensed the Quad, which is the name of the official arena that you play on, and the rules and the formats that you need to play the official game", says chief executive Damien Puddle.

Enough money has already been raised for the licensing, a total of $14,000 and anything extra will help pay for an official Quad.

Puddle hopes New Zealand will have players ready to compete as early as next year.

"We're sort of looking at the potential to send someone to possibly somewhere like Singapore for the Asian championships next year, if we can field a team."